Share Savings

Not only is share account a savings account, it also grants your ownership stake in the credit union. With this ownership stake comes your democratic rights as a co-owner of our cooperative, with the ability to help determine how your credit union is run if you so choose. Even if you maintain just the minimum $5.00 balance in your share account, you receive all of the rights and privileges granted to other members who may hold thousands of dollars or more in their share accounts. This is what we believe makes our democratic cooperative operating model so special.

Share Features

  • Monthly dividend payments (see rates)
  • Minimum required balance of only $5.00
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Insured by the federal government to at least $250,000

Please call (804) 359-8754 and select option 4 to learn more about Share account features and eligibility requirements. Or, Join now!