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Savings, IRAs, Certificates & Club Accounts

Saving money is a difficult thing for most of us to do. Rising gasoline and utility costs plus increases in the cost of just about everything else make saving next to impossible. Yet accumulating extra cash is so vitally important, especially as many of us face the realities of buying cars and homes, educating our children, planning for retirement, and simply dealing with the more mundane routine of home and auto repairs, vacations, and holidays.

Experts tell us that the best way to start and build a nest egg is to pay yourself first - set aside a few dollars each payday and forget it's there. Many employers offer payroll deduction: a pre-determined amount deducted from each paycheck and automatically forwarded to your savings account at the credit union. For those not having access to payroll deduction, the credit union will automatically transfer a set amount from checking to savings at an interval you select.

Tired of running your credit cards to their limits on the annual family vacation or during the holidays and spending the rest of the year paying it all back? If so, a Vacation Club or Holiday Club account just may be the ticket. Both our Vacation Club and Holiday Club accounts allow you to set aside a pre-determined amount on a regular basis that's earmarked for those purposes. The difference is that with a Holiday Club account, the amount that you save in your Holiday Club account is automatically transferred in to your regular Savings on the first Monday each November to use for holiday purchases.  There is a small penalty associated with withdrawing the money prior to the automatic transfer date to encourage you to save for holiday shopping.  There are no penalties associated with a Vacation Club, because vacations can be taken all year long, and therefore there is no automatic transfer date.  These two account options can help you elimiate having to use your credit cards during these special times of year.

No matter what your needs are or what your goals may be, New Generations FCU has a savings plan to accommodate them. Don't put it off. Call or come by one of our offices today, or contact us via E-mail at We'll help you get started and all along the way.
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